1. Why did you decide to participate in this photo shoot?

As a young girl, young dancer I have felt always a pressure to have perfect body. With more effort I was putting on myself, I have always been exactly as on these photographs. I want to remember this body as today, because this is the time that I love this shape the most.

2. Did you have any concerns or fears before the photo shoot?

I went through a sexual assault when I was 19, which impeded me from having relationships with men. This photoshoot gave me trust that being naked in front of a male may also mean creating art only.

3. How was the photo shoot, how did you feel?

I strive for perfection. However, I know I am not a fitness model… It took me a small bite of courage to get felt familiar… I fall in love with myself during the process.

4. What did you say about the photos?

The photos are expressing exactly how I feel. Beautiful imperfectly perfect young body touched by slight light of darkness.

5. Do you think it was worth it?

This experience have taught me a lot and after all, I am really thankful. I would do the same again.