1. Why did you decide to participate in this photo shoot?

I normally don't participate in this kind of projects, but I saw the proposal and found it very tastefully made; elegant and sensual without being vulgar or overshowing. I thought It really carried a message worth transmitting. The artistic need of resurrecting the delicacy and mystery of human body. that have been lost in these times of immediate rewards. I am interested in the reivindication of human body as a spiritual symbol in our experience of life's cycle, that transcends much beyond our role as practical biological 'objects'.

2. Did you have any concerns or fears before the photo shoot?

For my purposes, showing too much would be counterproductive and showing to little, as well. I envisioned a piece of art made in a style that everyone would be able to see without feeling uncomfortable; there is a very fine line between nude art and pure exibitionism, so I had concerns on wether we would be able to set the boundaries properly in the end. Stefan Mogyorosi has photographed uncensored nudity with professional models, and I was afraid that these previous experiences would have an influence on how much this session would show. I also don't have the type of body for just any kind of photos; I'm not the voluptuous type, my bone structure has kind of a frail look, so depending on the technique, it could turn out quite well or quite bad.

3. How was the photo shoot, how did you feel?

It was beautiful, Stefan was very profesional all the way; we shared the same vision of how we wanted the pictures and that made me very happy. His versatility as an artist allows him to evoke what he sets up to and orchestrate such a sublime piece of art with all the details involved. He always stopped to show me how it was going and ask my opinion on what parts of my body I would like crop or highlight in the pictures, etc.

4. What did you say about the photos?

I loved them. The lighting and his technique gave the pictures an egipcian sculpture look. Immediately he noticed my best atributes and focused on those areas; also the black and white was perfect for this scenario. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

5. Do you think it was worth it?

It was definitely worth it. I hope other women dare to explore the beauty and art in their bodies and dare to do something memorable with it that inspire and empower their femininity. And I absolutely recommend Stefan Mogyorosi; he has great talent and taste, and I would love to work again with him sometime.